Seminars & Events

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Greete Motel is a great place for seminars, conferences and other corporate events. The stunning natural environment facilitates great teamwork. Our attentive customer service and selection of extra services create the perfect opportunity to combine work with relaxation.

  • Seminar rooms for up to 50 people (64.8 m2 seminar room).
  • You can use the room in front of our sauna for smaller meetings (6-11 people).
  • Training events and meetings.
  • Events for employees and clients, presentations etc.
  • Hiking opportunities in exciting surroundings – hiking and skiing trails in Soontaga Nature Reserve, canoeing, tank rides and fishing.
  • Relaxation options – sauna and massage.
  • Restaurant and barbecue facilities.

Equipment in the seminar room:

  • flipchart and markers;
  • whiteboard and markers;
  • data projector;
  • stationary projection screen;
  • DVD player.

PRICE: 25 € / hour; 125 € / day

Possibility to order coffee breaks.
NB! From September to the end of May events upon advance booking.

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