See the local sights, enjoy the beauty of nature and make the most of fishing opportunities.

Many historical sites are in close proximity to Greete Motel (in a radius of ca 25 km):

In addition to cultural and historic sites, the motel is surrounded by a diverse natural environment. We are adjacent to Soontaga Nature Reserve, which is unique for its more than 200-year-old pine groves. The nature reserve forms part of the Natura 2000 network and all economic activity on it has been suspended.

28 August 2005 saw the opening of the 3.5 km long Soontaga hiking trail, overseen by the State Forest Management Centre. The trail winds through the forests surrounding a camp site, passes along the riverbanks of the Väike-Emajõgi River and, at the very end, crosses two bridges built over Lake Saeveski. There are nine information points along the trail

There is a former Soviet missile base complex on the lands of Erametsa Halduse Ltd. Most of the military buildings have been demolished. One hangar and certain infrastructure (roads) remain. Our establishment is also adjacent to a snowmobile and ATV trail which goes as far as Kuutsemäe skiing centre and further on to Otepää.

The motel complex is situated on the banks of the Väike-Emajõgi River. The river is easily navigable and rich in fish. 24 species are known to inhabit its waters: the brown trout, pike, eel, roach, dace, chub, ide, minnow, rudd, asp, tench, gudgeon, bleak, riffle minnow, silver bream, bream, crucian,
carp, loach, hink, burbot, walleye, perch and ruffe. In addition to those, five other species are also likely to be found in the river: the brook lamprey, belica, Prussian carp, European weather loach and ninespine stickleback. (These species are not officially registered as Väike-Emajõgi fish and have been studied very little.) It is possible that there are a small number of catfish in the lower reaches of the river and that introduced rainbow trout have been caught at some point.

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