Lake Kada

A beautiful lake Kada is located just a few hundred meters from the motel and is ideal for summer swimming, fishing, boating, and ice skating in the winter. If you are interested in slalom, then Kuutsemägi hill is located not far away from us. Nearby you’ll find Soontaga hiking trails created by RMK.

Sauna and jacuzzi

Enjoy a relaxing sauna with up to ten friends. The unique Finnish sauna and jacuzzi can be used by up to 10 people.  The sauna and jacuzzi cost 32 € per hour. You can also choose to use just the jacuzzi for 16 € per hour. The minimum reservation time for the sauna is 3 hours, so that it can heat up properly. You should notify us at least an hour in advance before using the jacuzzi. The sauna has a spacious front room with a TV. Sauna...